Keep Cool Bras - Why We Need Them

When you are pregnant, the best thing you could do for yourself is to be prepared. An item that we so often don't even think about until after our babies are born is a maternity bra. When we say that as a breastfeeding mum, you will need one, and you will need a good one!

Meet the new range of Keep Cool Bras, that do exactly what the title claims, they help to keep you cool. Hot flashes during pregnancy and post-partum are very much a thing, and Medela has your back!

Hot Flashes - They're No Joke

The deeper into your pregnancy you get, the more physically uncomfortable you get. We all know our tummies expand, our breasts grow and our hands and feet swell. But something we are often not prepared for are the hot flashes.

A hot flash can come on for a mulititude of reasons, your hormones and estrogen levels going crazy, high blood pressure, the weight gained purely because of the person growing inside you. But no matter how they come about, they're terrible for everyone.

You can be sitting on the couch watching TV and you are suddenly overwhelmed with a surge of heat rushing all over your body.

You can be chasing your toddler around (by chasing we could also mean waddling) and it is hotter work than usual.

And hello night sweats...

Do I Need a Nursing Bra During Pregnancy?

You do not have to wear a maternity bra when pregnant, but we definitely recommend it. Your breasts will grow and change during pregnancy and again while you're breastfeeding, so you may just find you need some extra comfort and support. 

Not to mention the ever increasing amount of hot flashes, that are making you more and more uncomfortable the larger your tummy gets.

Enter, the Keep Cool™ Bras. In order to fully explain just how amazing this innovative new technology is, let's break it down per product. But one point all three bras share...they keep you cool!

Keep Cool™ Ultra Breathable Maternity and Nursing Bra

Ultra indeed! This maternity and nursing bra has SIX integrated breathing zones to keep you feeling cool and that amazing new Quick Dry™ Technology to help balance your body temperature while offering you that much sought after support and comfort. 

Plus, there is that simply amazing 4-way Adaptive  Stretch™ technology that will see your bra grow with you and extend from pregnancy through to nursing. Not to mention the adjustable straps 🙌

The things that help to set this bra apart from so many of the rest (aside from the full drop down cup) are the removable perforated foam pads. Adding that extra layer for additional shape and support when you don't have the use of wires is a great idea!

Keep Cool™ Sleep Breathable Maternity & Nursing Bra

One look at this bra and you can already see why it is so special. 

Featuring a full raceback design that houses a breathing zone between the shoulders to give you a cooler night and comfy sleep! No hooks, no wires, nothing but the fabric. Hello comfort, pregnant or not!

The crossover design makes it very easy to be ready to go for your feeding/pumping session. It could not be any simpler. Plus, you also get gentle support without any additional pressure on the area. What a simply fabulous, innovative product!

And yes, the Keep Cool™ Sleep also features the 4-way Adaptive Stretch™ and Quick Dry™ Technologies too.

And That's the Range!

How amazing are these bras? Being pregnant can be very uncomfortable work. Let us help you bring that coolness and comfort back with our new range of Keep Cool™ Bras 💛

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